Senzia Spa & Wellness
Facial rituals

Ritual Purity

60 min    69$

Deep facial hygiene, which includes different products adapted to your skin type.

Timexpert SRNS

90 min   130$

Sublime multisensory treatment that offers an effective, global and tailor-made response for mature skin, thanks to its innovative ingredients that are crucial to restore, recover and fill the contours of your face.

Timexpert VIT C+

70 min   95$

Powerful binding of Vitamin C and Ume extract that counteracts the negative effects of glycation, rejuvenating the skin and providing luminosity while unifying your tone.

So delicate

60 min   89$

Facial care that provides relief and immediate comfort to the most sensitive skin. With a combination of Phytoactives that restore maximum well-being to the skin.


70 min   85$

Intense hydration treatment concentrated in an advanced program ideal for all skin types, especially those that have dehydration. Its hydroactive formula protects the skin, promoting its natural resistance against signs of premature aging.

Kirei Sublime

60 min   79$

Sophisticated experience through a beauty ritual inspired by Japanese facial massage. A perfect combination of innovative active products and massage maneuvers to achieve a magnificent anti-aging preventive effect, including sensational relaxation of your body and mind.

For men

60 min   75$

Energizing and detoxifying treatment that combats the effects of skin fatigue. Its special application form, whose maneuvers are based on Shiatsu and the natural ingredients that make up the formula of its products, provide the male skin with firmness and elasticity.

Body Rituals


30 min   40$

Exquisite exfoliations with ingredients from the plant world, precious stones...who will discover the softness and rebirth of a new skin?

Litho zen

120 min   165$

Luxurious treatment for face and body that is an encounter with the most absolute well-being. The union of Litho Sensation with a facial treatment performed with an incredible mousse mask regenerates, revitalizes and restores youth in the skin along with the properties and virtues provided by precious stones.

La magia de la ruta de la seda:

120 min   145$

Sublime therapy that begins with a delicious massage - exfoliation with a sea flavor, followed with an application of the "seda" wrapping and exclusive massage maneuvers. It offers a divine delight to the senses that will be difficult to forget.

Sweet Wait (massage for pregnant women):

40 min   55$

Without a doubt, one of the most wonderful moments of life in which you cannot forget to care for your body. A therapy specially designed to maintain perfectly hydrated and nourished skin.

Premier body rituals (with Rituals product)

Happiness Ritual

60/80 min   79/99$

New body treatment that combines the ingredients of Sweet Orange and powerful Cedar Wood to achieve an energizing effect. Perfect for nourishing your skin while pampering your soul.

Sakura Ritual 

60/80 min   79/99$

Body treatment that combines the renewing aroma of Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk to make your skin look soft and silky, as it nourishes and firms the skin in depth.

Ritual Harmony

60/80 min   79/99$

Perfect ritual for sensitive skin thanks to the combined ingredients of Lotus Flower and Yi-yi Ren, which manage to leave the skin as soft as silk.

Balancing Ritual

60/80 min   79/99$

Luxurious body treatment whose purpose is to seek balance by nourishing and cleaning your energies. It combines two fundamental elements: the Rose of India and Sweet Almond Oil, which favor the balance between body, mind and soul.

Wellness Ritual

60/80 min   79/99$

Hamman has been around for centuries and is one of the most purifying and effective treatments in the world. Combining the aromatic and revitalizing properties of refreshing Eucalyptus and Rosemary, a cleanliness is achieved that is pleasant and soft.

Senzia experience

Exquisite Experience

70 min Treat +
90 min SPA  189$ 

Sweet, appetizing and harmlessly addictive. This therapy is based on a rich exfoliation with Cocoa particles along with a creamy wrap, which not only leaves the skin fully hydrated and toned, but models and defines the silhouette.

  • Chocolate scrub
  • Cocoa wrap
  • SPA

Gold Therapy Experience:

70 min Treat
+ 90 min SPA   199$

Maximum sophistication in a revitalizing body therapy based on ''Marine Gold,” which wraps the skin in a subtle golden veil thanks to a nourishing wrap and an exquisite emulsion of Golden Nectar. A stimulating, revitalizing and unique experience.

  • Gold wrap
  • Body massage with golden lotion
  • SPA

After Sun Experience

70 min Treat
+ 90 min SPA   199$

Immerse your skin in an ocean of freshness that helps to "reconcile" excesses of sunshine with deep hydration. To do this, there is nothing better than aligning with the benefits of Mint and Aloe Vera.

  • Ritual Bamboo & Jeju
  • SPA

Love Experience:


  • Massage 50 min for two people
  • Private APSU hydrotherapy room access 50 min
  • Fruit, sparkling wine and chocolates
Circuito Hydrowellness

Disfrute de nuestro exclusivo circuito hidrotermal en el que podrá disfrutar de:

  • Piscina de Sensaciones
  • Piscina de cantos rodados
  • Jacuzzi
  • Piscina de frutas
  • Indo Frio
  • Indo Caliente
  • Duchas de Sensaciones (Hielo, Nebulizada, Tropical Cromoterapia, Bitérmica y cubo)

Entrada normal 30$

Entrada hamman/sauna: 15$( de momento no tenemos fecha apertura)

Entrada 7 días: 150$