Resort Reviews in Dominican Republic

If you have questions or want to know other points of view, check out the experience of guests through their reviews of Playabachata Spa Resort. We collect the different comments of those who have been encouraged to enjoy in our resort.
Let’s playa
“Traveled via Sunwing Feb 06 - 13. Flight was scheduled to be non-stop however a re-fuel (more luggage/passengers & weather related) was necessary in ON, so arrival was delayed by approx 3.5 hrs. Check-in team at the resort did a great job in processing the guests in a very timely fashion. Luggage taken to our rooms & we were able to find the buffet, etc. Enjoyed our week very much - good food, beverages, beach & pool area. Pleasant in the ocean, however pools were quite cold - they were refreshing but could not stay in that long. Towels were not available for exchange regularly. Some people stacked loungers (even when not there) reducing # available for other guests. Could only book the a la carte for that day & had to be there early in the morning. Entertainment was average, but still alright. Did the city tour excursion - worth it especially the tram ride.
Rooms are spacious & clean although not overly modern - in-room safe required a key not a digital code. Good plumbing & hot water (except on one occasion).
We will/would return.”

Paul P.
  (Regina, Canada)
Amazing vacation!
“I had a terrific time at PlayaBachata resort!

Entertainment staff was amazing, as almost every review says! Staff were all very friendly and helpful. The landscape... omg. The scenery is picture perfect! There’s lots of area to explore from the beach to the rocky cliffs at the end of the beach. If you like exploring the nature, this is the place for you. Breathtaking! I will say the beach isn’t the best for snorkelling as the water is a little bit dirty. Still great for swimming though, and if you like waves like we do, you’ll have a lot of fun! There’s all kinds of activities to keep you occupied, soccer, volleyball, basketball and more on the beach. There’s a schedule of activities all day including yoga, Zumba, darts, mini golf and other fun stuff! Every night there’s a show and karaoke on sundays. Shows are always so much fun! A lot of these resorts only have pina colada or strawberry daiquiri to choose from, but this one has lots of choices! The room was great too, cleaning staff were so nice and really went the extra mile! You can exchange money right at the lobby which is great! Lots of chairs available at the pools and beach all times of the day!

Food was fantastic! We went to one a la carte and it was very good. Buffets were always great. I’m vegan, so my choices were more limited but I was always satisfied! There were always beans and rice (and I usually hate beans, they were so good!) there were lots of veggies, cooked and raw, fruits, pasta, potatoes, fries, etc. They put effort into every dish, a lot of places just make the meat good and kind of ignore the veggies but at playa bachata, every dish was surprisingly delicious!

They do have tables set up by the lobbies most days where people try to sell you stuff and they can be quite pushy and it’s usually overpriced stuff. You’re probably better off shopping at the hotel shops, it’s the same price but better quality. It gets a little annoying when you’re just trying to use the washroom and they’re right outside but it’s not a big deal at the end of the day. Love that they have free wifi and free water bottles!

Unfortunately during my trip I had to visit the doctor but she took really good care of me. Sat with me for hours and made sure I was okay. She was a really comforting presence to have around when going through my sickness that night and I’m so grateful she was there to help, even late into the night.”

  (Winipeg, Canada)
Great place
“Jonathan conceirge is doing a great job looking after all the guests. The resort is beautiful and well maintained. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Especially love the beach. The weather here is also Sunny all the time.”
  (Charlottetown, Canada)
March 2020 visit
“I recently visited Playabachata this was my first trip to Dominican Republic, there are 2 sister resorts side by side giving you lots of choice on how and where to spend your days. Our (5 family members) first 2 days were quiet rainy as well as our last day on the resort how ever the weather was warm and the Entertainment always help keep you busy and happy on days in doors as well as out (Big shout out to Baby and Blackie for an excellent job and always being very up beat). Lots of live music and shows as well as the occasional movie for the kids in the theatres. We had an excellent trip and hope to return again.”
Brandon Campbell
  (Cape Breton Island, Canada)
Great customer service
“We had problem at ATM it did not have the full money back. In costumer service Evelina helped us with this issue. They emailed the bank and called them for is good resort with friendly staff and helpful.”
Homa S
  (Montreal, Canada)
Friendly concierge
“Any problems call Evelyn. My family had an issue with the a la carte restaurant and she made our lifes easier. Went far and beyond to get us a reservation last minute. She is very friendly and helped with everything we needed at the room. Extra pillows, umbrellas, and even extra quilts was all possible just by talking to her. She's always available and happy to assist at guest services.”
Mariela V
  (República Dominicana)
Very happy
“My husband and I travelled to Dominican Republic for the first time this year in March, we stayed at Playabachata resort. We were very happy; the rooms were clean, no bugs, comfortable beds, housekeeping was always available. The food and entertainment were good too. Staff was always happy and welcoming.
Some folks we met went on the terrain tour with ATV’s which they all loved; you get good and muddy!
A warning to those who use full face snorkel masks, never go alone, and use as per instructions; do not dive. My husband almost drowned. Thank The Lord his foot landed on the edge of a rock as he was going down as he was totally out of breath.
If you want to see the renovated Senator you will have the opportunity as a staff in a blue shirt will invite you to a breakfast and show you around. So that you are fully aware; it will take 2+ hours of your time, and it is like a time share pitch, but they call it a “Membership Club”.
Enjoy your vacation and stay safe!”

Loretta e
Had a great time!

“Myself, my girlfriend and her friend attended this resort from February 27th to March 5th! At first we were alittle skeptical about this resort based on reviews. Well one thing I can say is.... dont listen to the ones that just put this place down. We had a great time at thos resort and would definitely go back! Zero cockroaches seen by any of us. Rooms were dated but still very useable and comfy beds.

Food was pretty good! Drinks were even better lol. My favorite a la carte was the steak house and I'd suggest getting the ribs! Sooo yummy.

Only minor complaint would be lack of daytime entertainment, especially during rainy days. We had 3 straight days of down pour. Those 3 days there was no one around to play games with indoors or shows or anything. But when nice out they are around and by the pool. Night time theres dance shows every night and all are pretty good. Disco was good but very very loud and kinda pour djing but was able to have a blast.

Met soo many nice people and staff there, but also got to experience the very rude and ignorant Russians and the way some treated everyone. Not all Russians were like that just select ones. Most were very nice!
Overall really enjoyed this place and would come back, hopefully next time with zero rain lol but hey it's better then snow!”

Colin O
  (Prince Albert, Canada)
Overall enjoyable vacation!

40 min drive from airport. Not near a town so no place to explore unless you take a cab.


Asked for ground floor and quiet area and got both. 3000 block
Travelled with hubby and 3 kids. We had to beg for another bed because they expected 5 of us to sleep in 2 beds. Had to also beg for extra pillows and blankets.
Booked a family room, was not any bigger than other rooms. Check in was slow need more people at desk when they know a bus load of people are arriving. Went to a resort in El Salvador and they did our check in on the bus. Gave us our room keys even before we arrived at the resort. It was awesome!!! All resorts should do this!
Room was clean and fridge was stocked. Did not spend a lot of time in room. King bed was hard but single bed was comfy so hit or miss.
Food was great no complaints at all. Very clean fresh well prepared. Chicken at the snack bar was way over cooked but still tasty. They served Paella, Chinese food one night, seafood pasta, shredded chicken tacos. It was great.
Snack bar at pool served from 10:30 am until 12pm cold meats, bread, yogurt, fruit, then at switched at 12pm until 5:30pm served tasty burgers 3 types of pasta, pizza, fruit, dessert, ice cream, rice, chicken, hotdogs, fries. We had a great server named Clermin so helpful and provided lovely service. Thank you so much for your personal attention.
Stayed on the Coral side with rounded pools. It was great, more quiet than Amber side. Pool parties and shows all happened and Amber side which is fun and way louder and busier.
Did not go to Senator side as bracelets don’t work over there.
Had fun doing bachata, darts, bean bag toss and pool aerobics all done at both resorts. Animation guys are friendly and awesome.
Atlantic side, so brown sand and cooler darker water. It was great but some areas might be more enjoyable with water shoes. Lots of shells and corals. Waves can be strong but good overall.
We like to go different places each year so probably would not come back here.
Some other notes:
What I liked:
Each balcony was enclosed with a rail even ground floor ones and had a place to hang your clothes
Self serve soft drinks coffee and wine. Some people complained about the wine while others drank at breakfast??? This is not the Italy or France be happy that there was wine. It wasn't bad at all
The oatmeal was awesome!!!!
Lovely grounds, really picturesque and well maintained.
What could be improved:
Hooks on palapas would be awesome so you can hang your bags so they don’t get wet.
Sell some local snacks or chips or something to munch on in your room.
Need a separate wifi area for smokers!
Overall the staff are mostly friendly and try hard. If you are laid back and not too picky this place is good value for the money.”

Lola B
  (Lindsay, Canada)
“Great food, amazing service very friendly. Entertainers were awesome, especially Blacky who went over and beyond to ensure me and my friends received great service and hospitality.
Room service was consistent, and all inclusive gives accessibility to many different games, drinks and food.”
Lucas R
  (Strathroy, Canada)